Miniature Clocks and more

Miniatures the process

The full size clock lends more than just a passing resemblance to the look of my clocks because I use similar construction details to give me the right appearance, and correct proportions. All of my clocks are based on actual full size examples, and lately I have been working on the creation of well-known clocks, for example the Bronte Longcase Clock.

Arts & Crafts linen press

All of my work has been based around original full-size pieces, the above Arts & crafts linen press was on the front cover of an old Antique collectors magazine, it just had to be made.

I use a variety of woods in the construction of my fine clocks, including Mahogany, Oak and Walnut but I mainly use a Friutwood, as the grain scales down correctly and I can achieve a ‘subtly- mellow’ Antique finish. I also use some very decorative veneers including Burr Elm, Burr Walnut and many others; the woods used are selected for their decorative and close grain properties.

I pride myself in trying to use mainly reclaimed woods wherever possible, although this is not always achievable.

I also have a range of non-working Barometers and Pocket Watches. The construction of a working barometer is possible; however, the costs would be sky high.


I have recently been working on some very finely detailed clocks and on some very demanding projects for all sorts of people including Museums, galleries and private collectors alike.

1/12th scale Boulle work

I tend to accept all commissions large and small, usually to my own detriment and sanity. Just send me a photo (I do make quite a few copies of clients own clocks each year) and I will copy the piece correct in every detail. So if you can’t find a suitable clock amongst these pages, why not have a copy of your very own to grace the interior of your DOLLHOUSE.

a customers house at 1/144th scale

The above show a commission piece, a 1/144th scale copy of a customers house to go inside her dolls house, the perfect finishing touch.