How its Made

how its made

Quite a while ago, well over 2 years ago I was contacted by a production company in Canada MAJ 2 Productions, it turned out they wanted to film me making one of my clocks for a series on the Discovery channel “How it’s Made” I though this a great idea and said let’s do it, unfortunately due to scheduling problems and the fact I live way out west and hardly near anything they could not fit me into their trip timetable, however a year later and another trip and things where set up.

They arrived just before 8am took over the house, set things up and began filming, with the amount of lighting they had I thought the electric meter was going to blow-up, it was spinning around like a mad man, at this point we had just got 2 new kittens so especially for Emma all their equipment made a super playground.

below is a link to the short video of the film they made


The filming took the whole day and a little more and all this for a 4 minute and 40 second segment of finished program, it was all quite new to myself, like having to twist my arms and hands into some sort of contortionist like pose just so the camera could see what was going on, check out the shaky bits.

It was all great fun and I think we all had a good laugh including the cats, the film crew and us, the program has now been aired in Canada the US and now the UK, and if you have 4 minutes and 40 seconds spare you can take a look below.

how its made

And just in case you want to have a go at making one you will need all the parts below, although they do come as lumps of timber that need planing down to size, masters have to be made for the weights etc then cast, then you have to make and design the dials print them, design hands then have those etched, find a suitable movement, also having an idea of how a clock is made the proportions, not to mention an ability to stain and French polish on a tiny scale, the list goes on, good luck.

small time how its made

And lastly many thanks to all those who made this happen.