small time & Gites limousin

just a little about other things we do.

well finally after a frantic 6 months of hard work and labour we are almost at the end or rather the start of a new and exciting instalment in our lives, ‘Gites limousin’ The gites are 100% ready. The site is up and running and live and we will continue to update things as they happen,


due to a lack of oxygen to the brain we have decided to make a rather big life changing move and decided to make an across the water move to the delightful, warm and sunny country of France, to the region of the Haute-vienne, where we will have a pair of Gites for rent, and in the future running miniature workshops.

we made the move right after the London show in May 2014, its going to take a little bit to get back on track so please bear with me.