12th scale Hardware

on this page you will find a selection of hardware for your dollshouse, at the moment its all French but thats where I live and find my inspiration, I have plans to add more but that for another day,

Hand door knocker

this has to be the best or one of the best working door knockers for your dolls house, it is a faithful miniature reproduction of the classic 18th century ones found all over France, in fact all over the world,

The hand and the number five figure significantly in Arabic, and also in Jewish, tradition, and are particularly associated with warding off the evil eye. Fatima Zahra was the daughter of the Prophet Mohammed. Hence, the occupants of a house with a door knocker in that shape were protected against evil.

comprises of 2 pieces both the actual knocker itself and a cast shaped pin for the hand to sound onto,

price 70.00



shutter dogs

these shutter dogs are fully working and can be locked in place just as the originals,

price 98.00 for a PAIR



French internal window locks

internal French window locks, or Cremone, available as a kit, the kit includes main lock body, central support body, 2 catches for top and bottom and a 280mm brass rod.

price per kit 75.00


shutter hardware

complete kit for your shutters, the kit includes, 4 hinges with off set hinge suitable for shutters unto approx 6mm thick, lock with bar and all fixings including pins for the hinges to the shutters and to the wall,

price per kit 110.00



internal door locks

a very fine scale internal door lock and handles for your doll house, based around a late 18th century French door lock, the body itself has a fine bead detail to the inner edge, faux screws to each corner and the faux lock leaver, the body comes with the catch and lock protruding and these can be simple files off if not needed,

the main lock body has been coloured with acid in the same manor they colour bronzes,

this comes as a kit as seen in the photos and comprises one lock body designed to be surface mounted, 2 door handles and a pair of key plates (one spare if you loose one)

price per lock kit 52.00