Room Boxes & Houses

room boxes and houses

here you will find a selection of my room boxes and houses to various scales including 1/12th 1/24th and 148th

Over the years I have made a number of commissioned works, including Houses and Room Boxes, no commission is too large or too small.

The room below was loosely based on Marie Antoinette’s bedroom at Versaille

1/12th scale panelled Parlour room box, featuring a selection of my Fornasetti furniture
the room box below shows just about as small as you would want to go, but still have room to display your miniatures,
below are 2 examples on the same theme of placing the chimney piece at a 45 degree’s to the back corner, no windows allow more room for display.
curved stair detail
1/48th scale Miniature Chateau, fully lit and fully decorated, this piece is complete with furnishings
mini chateau 1/48th


below is a new concept I have been working on, the combination of a lamp and a room box,

Please just get in touch with your ideas.

please checkout the section on my website with examples of past work