Room Boxes

A Selection of Room Boxes in 1/12th and 1/24th scale

The room below was based on a French interior, of around 1780 with panelled walls and an inlaid floor all in 1/24th scale

The room below was based on Miniature room setting part of the Thorne Rooms at the Chicago Art Institute, a Virginian room around the 1770’s and is 1/24th scale.

The room below was based around a Scottish interior, and was made over size to allow the perfect display of fine 1/12th scale furniture.

The 1/24th scale roombox below was based on a 15th century Chateaux in the centre of French, and has flickering lights and fire, the very high ceilings give great atmosphere.

The pictured galleon below was a commission with a difference and quite a welcome break from the normal houses and room settings and one that I relished the challenge, those included, sloping external walls back and sides, low floor heights (try and get your hands in those small places to paint) and archiving the feel of an 18th century war ship

24th scale galleon roombox

24th scale galleon room box

The room featured below was based around my French 24th scale room but made in 12th scale, working with the restrictions of the clients dimensions, windows on the back wall were necessary and make for an interesting and workable floor space,

The room shown below was based around an 18th century French drawing room of around 1760, with fine panelled walls, typical french block floor  and a large over mantel mirror, the room was designed to fit onto a bookshelf the space available was deeper than it was wide and consideration had to be taken not to make this room look like a corridor.

Not all of my work is based around fine period interiors, as you can see from below this is part of a group of work based around a travelling carnival of the 1920’s

If you have a commission in mind please just contact me