here you will find a small selection of links to other sites that I like it is only a very small selection as there are far too many great sites out there,

  • Gale Elena Bantock
    Gale’s figures are all hand sculpted one-of-a-kind models, normally clothed using a mixture of decorated paper, leather and material.
  • Diane Meyboom
  • Neil Carter Miniatures
  • Colin Bird
    Many of the chairs are copied from those on display at the High Wycombe Chair Museum where with their kind permission.

Some show organisers

    The London Dolls House Festival, a great show in the heart of London, with a good mix of top quality craftspeople from around the World, held each year in May.
    Show organisers of the MINIATURA shows held twice yearly at the NEC Birmingham, and the Scottish Miniatura

Other sites of interest

    Clocks magazine is published monthly and circulates to every corner of the globe, giving its readers information on all aspects of horology, including clock collecting, profiles on clock makers of the past 300 years, clock repair and restoration, clock making, news, readers letters – and much much more besides.