the dollshouse miniatures and myself,

Latest news

Well its all change for us at small-time HQ, we have finally managed to move house and workshop and have settled roots in France. This was by no means an easy transition but thats a story for another day. For the miniatures I have finally after a 6 month break managed to get my workshop back up and running, so will back to it very shortly.

it’s starting to look right, 7 years in it’s a mess…

it didn’t stay looking clean and tidy for long!

Well my work bench is getting that worn in patina
work bench patina

A little bit about me

I started making dollshouse miniatures way back in 1993, I had been working in an architectural practice for a number of years, primarily dealing with the design side of small projects, from barn conversions to small estates. This as many of us know was probably the wrong time to be an architect, due to the unforeseen recession. It was  chance enquiry from someone asking if I knew of anyone who could make a working clock for a dolls house. So like the idiot I am put myself forward, how difficult could it be, I was used to building architectural models, lest just say i am still learning. But I have come a very long way since those humble beginnings. I now attend the finest shows in the UK, provide work for museums, and major publications; only a lack of actual time and a considerable work load, prevents me from attending any more exhibitions. I make all manner of the unusual and interesting and like a fool, I usually take on all those impossible projects that you can’t persuade others to do!

The process

My first and main work is to create and reproduce antique clocks in miniature for your dollshouse. Each built in the same manner as the full sized clock, but to a scale of 1/12th and 1/24th scales, also now I have started to venture in to 1/144th scale. I use traditional materials, techniques, and finishes, including French Polishing; working mainly in fruit woods including Pear and Apple. A large percentage of my work is on a commission basis, making miniature copies of client’s full sized treasures, although, I also attend a very select number of exhibitions each year, where my work has to be judged, before acceptance.


Antiques and Restoration

In addition to the dollhouse miniatures, I also specialize in the restoration of fine clocks, and scientific instruments, including the restoration of the Movement, Dials (both painted and enameled) and Case Work including Wooden, Ormolu, and Boulle, for both trade and private clients. I also specialize in the restoration of smaller antiques from the 16th to 19th century to early 20th century objets d’art of multimedia materials.

Time Served

I have been in the dollshouse Miniatures world since 1993 and, as previously mentioned, I now attend the finest shows, (Birmingham NEC (possibly a short break while we settle in France)) and the London Dollhouse Festival, and had attended the Miniature show in Chicago 10 years in a row . (All these shows are well worth a visit as some of the finest craft people attend.)

Other things I / we do

I also sell Antiques and have an international network of customers with many selected pieces being delivered worldwide each year. I specialize in good, period small furniture; where I get a lot of inspiration for my dollhouse miniatures, handling fine, full size Georgian examples is a must, if you want it to show through in your miniature work.

French Holiday Gites


Ok so its a little bit of a cliche but yes when we moved to France we managed to acquire two gites, well they are two gites now, (a little before and after pictures below)  as well as having people renting out our cottages, I  intend to run miniature workshops from here so you can enjoy both the sunshine the wine and of course the pleasure of my company… If you would like to know a little more head over to ‘Gites limousin‘ and take a look.