French hand shaped door knocker

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this has to be the best or one of the best working door knockers for your dolls house, it is a faithful miniature reproduction of the classic 18th century ones found all over France, in fact all over the world,

The hand and the number five figure significantly in Arabic, and also in Jewish, tradition, and are particularly associated with warding off the evil eye. Fatima Zahra was the daughter of the Prophet Mohammed. Hence, the occupants of a house with a door knocker in that shape were protected against evil.

comprises of 2 pieces both the actual knocker itself and a cast shaped pin for the hand to sound onto,

the link below will take you to my website page that shows the door knocker ring use,

scale 1/12th or 1 inch


W 6.5 mm
H 18 mm
D 10 mm

you can find more examples of my work at

the price does not include any accessories shown in the photos, for example flowers, vases etc.

this is a fine miniature and not suitable for children,

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