American Banjo Clock

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an American Banjo clock

this American Banjo clock has been based on one of the original early 19th century clocks by Simon Willard the inventor of this type of clock, my working clock has a solid cast brass final and bezel, solid brass ball details and brass side details, the images selected for the trunk and bottom section are taken from the fullsize originals,

a little history of the Banjo clock

Simon Willard invented the Patent Timepiece, later called the "banjo" clock, at Roxbury. It was America's first commercially successful wall clock. It was an innovative design. It was the first American eight-day wall clock, Its shape was an imitation of the traditional wheel barometers. Early Patent Timepieces were built by hand, to order. By 1805 the clockworks, and standard cases, could be produced in quantity, reducing the cost of the clock. Willard patented its creation quite late (1802)

W 28mm
H 99mm
D 12mm
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the price does not include any accessories shown in the photos, for example flowers, vases etc.

this is a fine miniature and not suitable for children,
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