144th scale French Town House,

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this wonderful dolls house for your dollhouse is 144th scale, the house has been copied from an original part of a Paris hotel, the house stands on a copy of an original dolls house base from the 18th century, the house opens at the front to reveal 3 large rooms fully wallpapered including detailed floors and ceilings, the house is lit by tiny LED's and powered from a small cell battery all carefully hidden under the base and out of sight, this example has wonderful French blue railings a welcome relief from those rather boring black examples,
scale 1/12th or 1 inch
made from plywood, brass paper,
W 70mm
H 150mm
D 63mm
you can find more examples of my work at
the price does not include any accessories shown in the photos, for example flowers, vases etc.
this is a fine miniature and not suitable for children,

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